Erin + Josh | Engagement Session - ErikAnderson-Photo

I was able to photograph my first October fall engagement session of the season with this fantastic couple! Upon having my own engagement session coming up on Halloween, I was excited that the colors were in full swing during this outing. I really enjoy the Belvidere Park District for taking photos, especially in the fall and with this location the colors are very particular and you need to photograph in late October. I particularly enjoyed the funny conversations with these two and it definitely helped open everyone up during the beginning. It started with Erin telling me that Josh's face somehow gets "Chinese" eyes in the photos he takes. So, I knew that was going to be the "funny joke" of the night to get these two to laugh and boy did it work! We were all able to bond together and in doing so I was able to make some amazing photographs of them. Simply, once you find a way early on to feel comfortable, the photos start producing themselves, plus I want to have more than a client relationship. Photographing such major events in couples lives makes you want to be more than a client and become more so a friend, and in doing so you can create a long-lasting friendship.

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