Melissa + Eric | Engagement Session - ErikAnderson-Photo

I was able to photograph these two last Friday at Rock Cut! To start, Melissa and Eric were simple, and I mean that as in they were a seasoned couple and had that "standard" of adorableness together. They couldn't be any more down to Earth, but these two also had that fun "smartass" personality when they used it and it was hilarious, because I'm the same way!

For the shoot, it was a little difficult being that most of the leaves had fallen, but there was still the gorgeous tree every now and then and when you found one you had to make the most out of it, I mean, every photographer does. However, at the end of the shoot, our luck paid off and we were able to hike a little bit into a a canopy of yellow trees. From there, it was just spectacular and full with color. Simply, the shoot was a big success and I had so much fun spending time with these two. I couldn't ask for more.

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