Boisvert Family - ErikAnderson-Photo

Hello everyone for my first EVER blog post on my website! I switched over from wordpress so I could have everything specifically on my website to make it easier for everyone to view my photos! Well, this first post comes from an awesome Sunday photo shoot with my father, just this past weekend of Oct. 11! I had a wedding the day before in Madison, WI. and decided to come help out the day after. It's a good thing to go out and help my dad whenever he needs it, whether it being holding scrims or helping to pose people or even taking photos. Well, from throughout the day I took some photos for myself and decided to try some fun lighting techniques. The very first photo you see with the Boisvert family of them standing with the green background was a simple lighting technique of off camera flash at a mere 25 degree angle to my left. By doing this I am able to expose the background correctly and also being able to expose the family correctly with just one flash. To all of the new photographers reading this, if you take a photo as you see here and expose for the background then the people would be very dark, and vice versa. The camera is not your eye and can't differentiate between light and dark. You must tell it what to do and by adding a flash I can achieve the photo that you see here. It's just simple tricks but when done right you can achieve some gorgeous photos. So, as my first blog post on family photos one can start to understand simple lighting techniques. I will go in depth as time and as posts go on as well. Other than lighting, that Sunday was just gorgeous, especially with the temperature and the color of just nature. Sure the leaves aren't changing yet in the photos, but nonetheless it was an incredible day with the Boisvert's! Thank you!

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