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Hello everyone and welcome potential clients! This is a blog about my personal photography style pertaining to how I shoot, edit, and why I photograph the way I do! If you are here to learn, listen, if you are a potential client and are interested in how I would capture your day, then "you" are in the right spot!!

If I had to sum up my photographic style in one word, it would be, "airy". I say this because I want my photos to exude that fun, bright, airy and soft look. Sort of as if they are "pastel" like with muted colors, with having an all around "warm" filter.

This started because of having been a photojournalist, in the sense that I must have incredibly precise photos in terms of exposure. Photos can not be manipulated for newspaper and editorial use and must be kept true with what was documented via the human eye. However, once I started photographing weddings after college, I did NOT want my photos to have a "perfect" exposure, they needed to have their own style, my style. I needed to create what I wanted to show to my clients, what I believed shooting a wedding was like and so the craziness ensued.

I messed around in Lightroom and Photoshop for countless hours trying to create a look for myself and failed. I began buying many Lightroom and Photoshop presets for many dollars and it added up quickly. Thankfully, at the beginning of 2015, I have whittled down EXACTLY what I wanted. Follow a few photographers on the East coast has helped tremendously in terms for inspiration. Upon having examined their work for the past year and using only a select Lightroom presets, I was able to sculpt my style.

If a bride is reading and has gotten to this point, all I can say is that if you look at my photos and you love them, your wedding will look like those photos. Light, airy, refreshing, soft and warm. I want to photograph people who appreciate my work and understand how my style will help shape their day. It's perfect since I'm a fun, crazy, all over the place kind of guy and my style showcases that and I'm glad I can bring that to the table when brides are looking for a photographer!

With that, I must say, all the best!!

P.S. Take a look at some images below that showcase my style and then have a gander around the site!!!

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