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I have finally decided to make a blog post about my wedding lenses! At heart I am a gear nerd so this post goes out to all the other gear nerds in the world, but also to the brides who want a simple understanding of why I use the lenses I do and how they shape their wedding day photos via my photographic style.

(Starting from left to right)

- Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L

I purchased this lens primarily for photojournalism and sports photography back in 2009. I still use this lens for those purposes but when it comes to the wedding day, it has a completely different focus, but with the same effect... it's a telephoto lens. This lens helps my day because I can zoom in to areas that I don't want to physically be at. i.e. the wedding ceremony. I can stand at a distance and capture what I need to without being disruptive. I usually only use this lens during the ceremony, speeches and toasts.

-Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L II

This lens is either loved or hated. I happen to LOVE it! It's a super wide zoom lens that can save you in very tight spaces and can also be an amazingly creative tool in a photographers arsenal. 2016 is my first season using this lens and I have a feeling it'll open up a new world to creative photography for my.

-Example 1: The bride is getting ready in a corner whilst everyone else in the room is located farther away from her. With this lens, I am able to get in front of the bride in the corner and zoom wide enough to get her, ALL the bridesmaids and the environment of the room in one photo.

-Example 2: You have a gorgeous landscape of tightly knit trees that could be littered with buildings or a lake, etc. and you can only incorporate one or another with the couple. This lens, when positioned correctly can gather MUCH, MUCH more information and in doing so you can be extremely creative.

- Canon 85mm f/1.2L II

This lens is ONE.OF.A.KIND and those who can afford it, know why. This is the fastest 85mm lens in the World and it works just as hard to pull off such distinction. The 85mm is my go to lens for most of the day other than my 50mm. It acts mainly as a portrait lens, but I also use it as a medium telephoto lens as well, which many do not. At f/1.2 this lens is extremely shallow and when used correctly can create the MOST bokehlicious photos in the world. It isolates even the closest and smallest details.

- Example 1: "The Face" When used as a portrait lens, if I photograph a bride at f/1.2 and focus on her eyes, her ears and nose will be OOF (out-of-focus) because of the depth of field. It gives off a very dreamy and creamy effect which does wonders on the skin as well.

-Example 2: "Isolation" I also use this lens for full body portraits, which many photographers say is a "no, no" and left for a 50mm lens. However, when used correctly, I can position a couple amongst a "forest" setting and I can completely blur out the trees leaving the couple extremely isolated from the rest of the scene. It's a heavenly lens.

- Canon 50mm f/1.2L

This lens is my best friend, but I have a feeling this year the 16-35 will give this lens a run for its money. Regardless, the 50mm lens is my go-to throughout the day. It's the same angle of view as the human eye on a full-frame camera which is why photos taken with it look so "natural" to the viewer. The topper is that this lens at f/1.2 can save me even in the darkest of conditions but can also lead to beautiful isolation photos, such as created like the 85mm f/1.2L II.

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