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This blog post is an understanding of my uniqueness as part of the "investment" a couple receives when hiring me.

There are no new concepts in photography, but rather, a different portrayal you can spin off as your own. This is where this blog comes into play. Many, if not all photographers create photos with their couples using (OCF) off-camera flash during their wedding day, engagement session, etc.

So now comes the hook... My "personal" guess is that 70% of photographers use one flash, 30% use two flashes and 0% use three flashes. Well, I want and will be the game changer with using three flashes in my off-camera lighting set-ups while using a fourth on my camera to complete the set-up. SO now, my goal for 2016 is to become the 1% of photographers.

Now, I understand that more is not necessarily better, however, in certain circumstances I will be able to create a much more dynamic setting for the couple, forever etching a memorable photograph using creative light.

I will be completely honest about my business. I photographed only eight weddings of my own in 2015, my first year as a wedding photographer. However, if you take a look at the photos below, you can see my "End of the Night" photos that I take with EVERY. SINGLE. COUPLE. and one can see the attention to detail that has been gathered in the environment and that has been created with light. 

The point is that these photos are part of a much bigger investment for my couples but I have brides that book me just from seeing these photos. So, for only having one year of experience, my knowledge, understanding & creative process has exploded into creating these types of memorable experiences with all of my clients and with expanding my gear and locations I will be able to satisfy every client.

As for 2016, this part of what I offer in every package, including the rest of your investment has doubled my company and I couldn't thank my clients any more.

Thank you for reading.


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