NIU vs. WMU | Nov. 18 - ErikAnderson-Photo

After nearly two years I had an opportunity to photograph my alma mater, Northern Illinois University football! When I attended from 2010-2012 I photographed every single football game for the school newspaper, "The Northern Star" and had the time of my life. I photographed every home game, traveling to Illinois and Minnesota for BIG 10 football, including two appearances at Soldier Field against Wisconsin and Iowa, two bowl games at Ford Field in Detroit and a LONG, LONG drive for a bowl appearance in Alabama! Needless to say, shooting NIU football again, even in 39 degree weather with 20mph wind gusts was very fun.

Now for the camera nerds! I recently rented a Canon 1DX specifically for this game from Canon Professional Services. I really want and need this camera for weddings and sports because it has it all. 12/14fps, a full-frame sensor, 18mp, and with so many custom variants to help the professional photographer, ohh and two of my favorites, a 400,000 shutter count rating and a fully sealed  and magnesium alloy build.

The photos you see here are all from this incredible camera and I had to make a blog post to show these gorgeous photos. Thank you so much for reading and looking. As always, I greatly appreciate it!


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