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For my first wedding blog I want to let everyone know that Karsten, the groom with the machete is not crazy! Now since that is out of the way I can talk about this amazing wedding I photographed as an "Associate Photographer" for Urban Anchor Photography who is based out of Madison, WI. This day started like all the others, but this time I had an awesome drive from  Rockford, IL. to Madison, WI. I always enjoy long car rides because I get to (A. Talk to my fiancĂ© & (B. Listen to music, both of which get me pumped before a shoot! I first arrived to photograph the guys and they were all hilarious. Arguing about football, making brats, drinking and having laughs, also, add in "THE MACHETE!" As a wedding gift, they guys proceeded to show me how to trim bushes in the front yard with it! But let's fast forward and include the rest of the day! 

I eventually met my second shooter, Olivia, at the Capital as she brought the bride, Abbey, with for the first look. During the time Karsten and I were waiting for Abbey I could tell he was nervous but just so excited to see her. The tension was intense for him, but I assured him that the wait was worth it. Finally, after getting him into position, I guided Abbey to a tunnel under the steps of the Capital, out of view from the thousands of people at the city market. I got into position and gave Karsten the cue to turn around and see his bride. He did and Abbey exploded with excited (as in photo 3 in the album) and it was just adorable. Olivia and I were firing off the shots as the two embraced each other, it was quite the experience.

For now I will cut the story short and will post the ending as soon as the other photos are edited. But, I just want to let everyone know that when I am involved with a first look, it's really an incredible thing to behold. I get to be a part of history in a couples life, and not only that, I have the photos for them to look back on. I was there to capture that moment, those feelings, the love. It makes my job worth it and it NEVER gets old.

Thanks for reading!

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