Favorite Bouquets | 2015 - ErikAnderson-Photo

I try to create a blog post minimum of once per week and as I sit here during the slow time as a wedding photographer I have decided to give myself an assignment to keep things interesting! The answer is, I need to be creative and post about my 2015 experiences, from anything from floral, to ring photos, to cakes, to even posting photos about first dances. I simply want my couples engaged with my work on a regular basis!

Anyway, to start this post off, I have a mini collection of SOME of my favorite bouquets from the 2015 season. I love bouquets and the reason being, is well, many reasons! The first, having been an artist my entire life, I simply appreciate everything that is present and the complexity that florists and even brides put into their bouquets. The types of floral pairings and groupings, to color selections, even the simple addition of a certain flower can put a special touch on a bouquet. Simply photographing a bouquet is one of my favorite parts of the entire day and it is just as unique as a the engagement ring and wedding band. 

Anyway, check out a few of my favorite photos below! If any of these intrigue you and you are a potential bride then hit the contact section and shoot me an email!!

Thanks for viewing!

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