My last wedding of the year: As a second shooter! - ErikAnderson-Photo

I wanted to showcase just a small amount of photos from my last wedding of the year! This was not my own as I was a second shooter for the awesome Alyssa Leigh Cortes, (who happens to be photographing my wedding!) I maybe biased in posting photos of bouquets because I love the beauty and extreme attention to detail in every one. I love being able to see the different colors choices, the different flowers used with each other and how they work with the season that the wedding is in!

This wedding was near the end of the year and I was personally surprised that there was no snow. I am actually glad because it would have been a difficult wedding with all the shots we did outside. However, they turned out fantastic!

It's always fun to be a second shooter, to help out, to be able gain more and more experience and to be able to experience love first hand. I love my job. 

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