About Me - ErikAnderson-Photo

To my future friends!

My name is Erik Anderson and I'm a 27-year-old who still likes to think that I am a kid, and at heart, I am! I must start by saying that I am married to the incredibly stunning, straight out of the 1950's beauty, Mrs. Samantha Anderson, and I couldn't be any happier!! #wife!

To begin this journey, you are simply reading a mini story to learn about your potential photographer, and I must say I couldn't be any more ecstatic to start off this "first" conversation. I've been a photographer since 09' and have lived the photographer lifestyle day in and day out since then. I received my Associate's in Art (2010) and my Bachelor of Fine Art's in Photography (2012) and have immersed myself in every nook and cranny in the photography world since. In the earlier days I survived solely by shooting photojournalism assignments for newspapers. Now, my business revolves around the wedding industry.

However, I offer something 99% of photographer's in the Greater Rockford region don't have... It's the foundation of modern wedding photography based on my knowledge as a photojournalist. Modern wedding photography is based on the photojournalistic qualities of speed, candids, and incorporating environment with the subject matter. So, my transition into wedding photography has given me a second chance to be an earth shaker in the business by showcasing what I do best; specializing in photojournalism style storytelling photography by tying the modern and vintage knot with a twist.

With this knowledge of real life experience and having learned photography from the darkroom to the transition of the digital age, I would be honored to photograph the most important events in your life, simply because it's what I love to do and it's my lifestyle.

Oh, and one more important thing, I don't have "clients", I have friends. Every person and couple I work with, I treat as a friend. I want to show them how fun being in front of the lens can be, because that shows me "your" true side and that helps me document "your" life.